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Midweek morning remix. Pt. 2 - Bernard Sumner’s Megamix of Section 25. This is how dance music should sound. BLEAK!

Midweek morning remix. Pt 1 - Andy Weatherall deconstructs his reconstruction of Primal Scream’s Higher Than The Sun.

I have a cassette tape of a 1992 (maybe 93) dj set at a tiny club in Glasgow where he spun nothing but great dub infused techno and british dark dub of the ilk that Basic Replay re-issued. I need a tape player again so I can rip that (and the first Boris demo tape)

More hometown nostalgia. The shots of Glasgow’s streets are EXACTLY as I first encountered them in the early 80s when I’d travel in from the suburbs. I will always hold pop music up to this standard.

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It’s Sunday night & It’s raining therefore I’m overcome with nostalgia for Glasgow, Optimo & a packed dancefloor flipping out to this song.

Pseudo Intellectual Punk Rock Coffee Table

Pseudo Intellectual Punk Rock Coffee Table

1. Who has Toni Basil’s phone number? I need her to choreograph my life.

2. How much coke do I need to take before I look that good in a suit like that?

"I almost like your eyes."

If anyone, anywhere has a version of this song that isn’t ripped directly from the movie, I NEED it.

Tune in / Stretch out / Drone on


The internerd flurryings of Inception / Beiber-ised time stretch in recent weeks found me trawling through forgotten hard drives to re-visit my own journeys into slowing the heart of the beat.

I had a hard on for time lag accumulation.

My new favourite genre of music…

…will sound like 50s girl groups as covered by Donna Summer / Giorgio Moroder and later re-imagined by 70’s Brian Eno. Think about that for a second.